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Mr. A.H.G.M. (Antoine) Blomen

Antoine Blomen

Mr. A.H.G.M. (Antoine) Blomen

Why are you working at Hertoghs?

At Hertoghs, we operate at the cutting edge to deliver top-class quality. We work in teams, so we encourage each other to achieve our best performance. That suits me. I always go all-out; I will not settle for less. But individuals are important at Hertoghs too. Continuing personal and professional development is a priority at the firm.


What attracts you in Hertoghs’ areas of expertise?

Hertoghs focuses on financial criminal law and procedural tax law. Our cases often take us into uncharted territory, so we have to be creative. Because of the complexity of the issues, no two cases are the same and we keep having to come up with innovative solutions.


What is your particular expertise and how did you develop it?

While I was getting my degree in tax law, I worked at a tax firm. The experience and sound basic tax knowledge I gained there helps me to understand complex issues. I combine this with my expertise in criminal law when I represent clients who are suspected of financial or tax crimes.


What is your definition of a good attorney?

To me, a good attorney is someone who stands up for a person or an organisation that is defenceless against a powerful government body. A good attorney has excellent legal knowledge and is persistent, so that they always achieve the best results for the client.


What can you share about your private life?

I like to spend my spare time with the people close to me and doing fun activities with them. I also enjoy exercising and taking nature walks to relax and clear my head.


Curriculum vitae

  • Member of FIRST, the society of tax law students in Maastricht (2015-2019)
  • Worked at a tax firm (2017-2019)
  • Degree in tax law, specialisation in direct tax, from Maastricht University (2019)
  • Joined Hertoghs at the end of 2019; passed the Bar on 26 February 2021. Member of the Hertoghs Knowledge Management Team
  • Member of the Hertoghs Knowledge Management Team


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