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Attorney / Partner

R. (Roelof) Vos

Roelof Vos

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Attorney / Partner

R. (Roelof) Vos

I like to look for solutions in conflicts between taxpayers and the Tax Administration. If possible, I choose the amicable solution and if that is not possible, I fight the case out in court. In the field of taxation, my special expertise is ‘indirect taxation’ (VAT, customs and excise duties).


  • studied Tax Law University of Groningen; took the course Economic Criminal Law and Fraud Prevention at Utrecht University;
  • has been a lawyer since 1994 and a registered MfN mediator since 2008;
  • works at Hertoghs advocaten since 2014;
  • is associate professor of Mootcourt at Leiden University;
  • teaches at the NOB's Litigation course;
  • is editor of the magazine BTW-Bulletin.

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Why are you working at Hertoghs?

To me, Hertoghs is the number one firm when it comes to tax litigation. It is a great feeling to be working among top specialists.

What attracts you in Hertoghs’ areas of expertise?

I am fascinated by tax litigation in a broad sense. I particularly like procedural tax and penalty law, but I am also interested in the correlation with criminal law and disputes about tax collection.

What is your particular expertise and how did you develop it?

I specialise in resolving conflicts between taxpayers and the tax authorities, such as long-running invasive tax audits and tax proceedings. I try to reach an amicable settlement when I can, but, failing that, I will not hesitate to litigate. My area of expertise in the tax discipline is indirect taxes (VAT, customs and excise duties). Besides being an attorney, I am also a certified mediator. I use my mediation skills daily in my law practice to achieve the best possible results for my clients.

What is your definition of a good attorney?

A good attorney has excellent knowledge of the legal profession as well as great interpersonal skills. As an attorney, you cannot do without. You need to have the ability to persuade even your most formidable opponent. And you have to know how to keep your back straight during headwinds. Uncompromising if need be and flexible where possible. The client’s best interests are most important, but a good attorney is always respectful to the opposite party.

What can you share about your private life?

My private life is lively and varied: I like the excitement of going to a football match, but I also like the quiet to read. I was born in the countryside, but I have lived in the hustle and bustle of Amsterdam for a long time now. I also like spending time at the North Sea beach near Haarlem, where I have a second home. I enjoy going on holiday to an exciting destination with my three adult children and my partner. And I go on a special bike tour every year; in the summer of 2021, I rode my bike from my home to the south of France. Also, I try to attend every lecture by Esther Perel and Hans Stolp, a Dutch author of esoteric books.

Curriculum vitae

  • Master’s degree in tax law from the University of Groningen and course in economic criminal law and fraud prevention, University of Utrecht (1989)
  • Attorney since 1994 and certified mediator since 2008
  •  Worked at a Big 4 accounting firm until 2008
  • Moot court lecturer, department of tax law, Leiden University
  • Lecturer litigation course at the Dutch Association of Tax Advisers (NOB)
  • Teacher of litigation course, Dutch Association of Tax Advisers (NOB)

Carola Geleijnse

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