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Join the Hertoghs Elite Squad

Shadow our attorneys for eight weeks

We invite you to join the Hertoghs Elite Squad if you’re interested in finding out what it’s like to work at the highest level of tax litigation and financial and economic criminal law. Want to know what your working life could be like after you’ve graduated? Join the Hertoghs Elite Squad in Amsterdam, Breda of Rotterdam!

We offer an eight-week full-time internship, during which you’ll be given the opportunity to shadow our attorneys while they work on cases and to sit in on interviews and hearings. You’ll join our weekly get togethers with our professionals to discuss case law and news. Also, you’ll assist in resolving legal issues and you’ll be invited to our events of course. For two months, you’ll be our fully fledged colleague. Please bear in mind that you can only apply for an internship if you’re a native speaker of Dutch.

If you want to find out more about the procedural side of tax law and criminal law, Hertoghs advocaten is the place to be as an intern. During this internship, you will be able to participate as a full member of the legal team from day one. You are supervised by one of the attorneys, so you can really get the very best out of yourself.

Ruben Scherpenisse, Erasmus University Rotterdam

The image you have of the legal profession might be turned upside down if you start working with us. Hertoghs has a very open culture, without ranks and positions. We work in teams and everyone's input is valued, every opinion counts. Provided it is well-founded, of course. And if our niche tastes like more, you might just want to stick around. Because we are always looking for talented colleagues to join our practice.

For students with a long travel distance, we can provide accommodation during the internship.

You want to join us? Don't waste any time and apply!

Do our office and niche appeal to you? Are you a native speaker of Dutch? Please send your motivation letter (in Dutch), with your resume, study results and preferred internship period to our office manager Pia Vorsselmans: Apart from July and August, you are welcome all year round.

If we think you'd might be a good match, we'll invite you to our office. You will meet one of our lawyers and our executive secretary or office manager. Within a few days, we will let you know whether you can start as an intern.